Many musicians find the graphic design process as artistically expressive as creating music.

Gathering Components for Graphic Design

When To StartConvey Your IdeasSend a SampleGathering Text and InformationPhotography and Image GatheringShip It • Also See - More About Photos & ImagesMore About Text & Info

1. When to Start

It's never too early to start gathering
the components for any project.

Few people start preparing the text or photos and images for their project's graphics in advance. Many times release events and dates are set with no guarantee that their final product will be ready on time. Save yourself a lot of headaches and expense by getting the elements for your graphics going long before they are due. Almost every customer we have dealt with gets excited about having their project produced as soon as possible, and understandably so, but rushing through this process can create costly errors and delays that can otherwise be avoided. Having your project professionally designed will take a little time and effort, but if you are organized and stay on task, you will reap great results in the end.
See the printer friendly - The Getting Started List

2. Convey Your Ideas

The most successful designs we have produced have come about as a result of a collaboration between the customer’s ideas and needs, guided by our creative experience. Need some ideas? Look at what others have done, look locally for examples, look on the internet, see the IG online Portfolio. Give as little or as much art direction towards the look of your project as you feel comfortable with. Giving direction can range from; providing specific sketches of photo and text positioning; to providing printouts or digital files of your exact design desires; or perhaps, giving full "artistic license" to the designer. Be receptive to your designers professional suggestions. Your guidance and ideas are always welcome at Infinity Graphics!
For Sketching Templates see - Forms and Lists Hub. For audio packaging sketch templates see the printer friendly - CD Insert Sketch TemplateCD Tray Card Sketch TemplateCD Imprint Sketch Template
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3. Send a Sample

When the designer has a prototype or a sample of your product he can better understand your market. For audio packaging it’s important that your CD inserts portray your style of music! Send us a sample of your music, if possible! Graphic design has more to it that just looking good; it has a function. It's all about getting across the style, or a message, or an expression to an audience or demographic. So whenever possible send a copy or a sample of your product.
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4. Gathering Text and Information (Also See - More About Text & Info)

Compiling this information is best left for someone who has good organizational skills with access to a computer and e-mail. The best suggestion we might give to anyone embarking on this part of the process is start early. Some information gathering can actually begin long before your project approaches completion. Then make any final changes just prior to submitting your text. Once sent, do not to send updated copies unless you check with the designer first. With today's technology text can easily be E-mailed to the designer, allowing him more time to design and less time spent on typing. It may be better to simply alert him to what changes need to be made, unless there is a complete rewriting. For audio projects, final song order and track times can be entered at the last minute, as they become available, after the final mix down and mastering have been completed. Gathering text is probably the most painstaking part of this entire process. Remember, accuracy counts, that goes for the spelling of peoples names and any contact information to be used See - Sending Text or More About Text or for audio projects see - Text and Information Suggestions List
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5. Photography and Image Gathering (Also See - More About Photos & Images)

To have a quality design you need to start with quality components. Hire a professional photographer if your budget allows. If not, you or someone you know may be a photography enthusiast, capable of shooting decent photos for you project. Wheather from your ideas or from your designer's direction how well you tackle this task can make a huge difference in your final result. If you don't have any ideas talk to the designer or look at what others have done (magazines, internet or retail stores). Your graphic artist may offer suggestions for a planned photo shoot, so discuss your ideas with him before you take any pictures. Images can range from simplistic portraits, to illustrations and complex computer generated fantasies. Get more photos than you think you need, then select the best from them. Several photos may be needed to be combined into a particular concept or extras can be used as background images. Suggestions: shoot portraits in a special place; try shooting from different angles; get close-ups and some at varying intervals of distance; with front or back lighting; take photos pertaining to the subject or project title, have an Illustration done… The key here is getting the best output from the best possible input…
For more info on Digital Camera Files, Resolution, what Photo Paper to use, Digital File Formats and more see - More About Photos and Images
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6. Ship It

You're almost done! Once you have all of your text and information, photos, sketches and/or illustrations together send them to the graphic artist you have chosen. Upon shipping your project out, alert the designer so when it arrives they will know how to proceed. The designer and can inform you of its arrival and check its contents. Package items carefully in sturdy cardboard, so they can not be damaged in shipping. Use a reputable carrier who can track your shipment and ensure its arrival at its destination. Text and some images can be E-mailed or burned onto a CD and shipped (be sure to mark your job name on the disc). If a deposit is requested be sure to include that also, to avoid delay. See - Graphics Inventory List
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When To StartConvey Your IdeasSend a SampleGathering Text and InformationPhotography and Image GatheringShip ItReturn To Top • Also See - More About Photos & ImagesMore About Text & Info

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