Be sure to check over all proofs carefully and thuroughly. . . you are ultamately responsible for approving your project!

Proofs and the Proofing Process

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1. Design Proofs

Convenient and timely
Customer E-Proofs

Once the graphic artist has had time to image, layout, and typeset your graphic design according to your instructions you will be sent an initial or "first round" proof. This is usually an electronic file (JPEG or PDF) or as we call customer proofs or "E-Proofs". If an internet connection or computer is not available then hard copies may be printed out and shipped. These are sent as an E-mail announcement with a link to these proofs or as an attachment. These files can be both downloaded to your computer and printed out if desired. See - Downloading Proofs. Infinity Graphics uses a convenient web based interface that is simple and easy to use, this works well weather for a single user or when multiple people need to view proofs from different locations. These timely and convenient proofs can even be accessed when you are out of town from any public library or other location with a computer and internet access. These E-proofs closely represent image color and text placement, but are not exact in color. This may be due to your monitor's color settings being slightly different than that of the designers. See - E-Proof Reply E-Form, Proof Inspection List or to see a current project's proofs see - Customer Proofs.
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2. Replying to Proofs

Infinity Graphics provides several means to reply to proofs including the easy to use E-Proof Reply E-Form. The same reply form can be used for initial proofs, final proofs, or production proofs. Other forms include the printer friendly PDF Proof Reply Form and the text only (Basic) Proof Reply Form. Both can be printed, filled out and shipped (1070 Ranchette Drive • Goode, VA 24556), or faxed (540-586-2757 - call first); but the most convenient, preferred and timely response method is the web based E-Proof Reply E-Form. Corrections can also be expressed via phone (540-586-0576) or E-mail ( Remember the sooner you reply, the sooner your project will move forward. Make whatever changes to text and layout known to the designer and freely voice any concerns about the design or colors from the start. Look over these proofs carefully and thoroughly! Clearly convey any changes as to what page, paragraph, line, or other location. This helps to ensure accurate updates to your project's contents. Be sure these changes are reflected in any future proofs. Make known ALL the changes possible from the beginning to avoid extra changes for having the graphic artist generate more proofs than are designated a given project (2 or 3 proofs); after that you may incur additional charges. Upon final approval of your design, production files are generated to the specifications of the appropriate production plant and usually uploaded via a high speed network or burned to a CDR and shipped.
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3. Production Proofs

Why another proof? Generated by the production plant, this final set of proofs ensures the accuracy of the final production files. The files you approved from the graphic artist have now been transferred and imported into the production facility's system. This production proof ensures that nothing moved or corrupted in the file transfer process. Approval of this proof is a required part of the work flow and assures the manufacturer that when your project is produced it will be to your liking. Be sure to respond to this as soon as possible to avoid delays. Normally this will arrive as an E-mail attachment and is usually an electronic file (PDF). This file can be both saved to your computer and printed out if desired. Every thing should be the way you approved it in your final design proofs. Be sure all updates that were made are reflected in the proof. Once again look the proof over thoroughly, this is your final chance to change anything before production begins. A proof form with an approval must be submitted for project records in order to proceed with manufacturing. Response methods: the fast web based E-Proof Reply E-Form, or the PDF Proof Reply Form and the text only Basic Proof Reply Form both can be printed, filled out and shipped (1070 Ranchette Drive • Goode, VA 24556), or faxed (540-586-2757), or a written approval can be E-mailed (
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" Areas in white will appear as the "minor" finish of the disc itself"
Actual disc printed with
2 colors (Group name and
Title in Green, Songs and
Credits show disc surface.
Customer Proof explains which
areas are to receive ink or remain
unprinted to show the disc's
chrome or mirror like finish.

4. The Disc Imprint Design Proof

For an audio project pay special attention to the on CD proof. These proofs may have certain areas that are represented with white. While some may actually be designated to have white underprint, while other areas may depict content that will receive no printing or be "knocked-out." These unprinted areas will show through to the mirror like or chrome finish of the actual disc itself, thus acting almost like a separate color. These areas will be noted as "Areas in white will appear as the "minor" finish of the disc itself." In cases where both white and knock-out occur it will be noted in the description above the proof as to which areas are to be white or knocked-out.
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5. Downloading, Viewing and Printing PDF Proofs

Just click on the "DOWNLOAD PDF PROOF" button on your Customer E-Proof (shown above) and the file will begin to download (browsers configured with a PDF plug-in may even open and display the PDF file). Upon completion of the file downloading, simply open the printer friendly PDF file with Adode Acrobat Reader (already pre-installed on most all systems). From within Acrobat Reader the image can be viewed in full page view or magnified to see the smallest fine print. This versatile file format can be printed from virtually any computer (Windows PC or Macintosh) to any printer.

If you have any problem opening the file you may need to download and instal Adobe Acrobat Reader (available FREE) from:

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6. Downloading and Printing JPEG Proofs

Click and Hold, then select "Download or Save Image to Disc"

To Save JPEG E-Proof Files (.jpg) to Your Computer:
1) PC/Windows - RIGHT CLICK and hold anywhere on the image within the internet browser window
(MACINTOSH - Control click or simply Drop & Drag the image to your desktop)
2) CHOOSE DOWNLOAD - from the drop-down menu that appears choose "Download Image To Disc" or "Save (Save As) To Disc" or similar menu command.
3) Browse to a location on your harddrive, then click SAVE or OK.

To View or Print JPEG E-Proof Files (.jpg) from Your Computer:
1) Choose FILE>PAGE SETUP and select the appropriate printer and paper size.
2) Choose FILE>PRINT from your browser
First download the proof file to your computer See above), and then PLACE or IMPORT the JPEG proof file into another program (such as MS Word) so you can resize it to fit a page and then choose FILE>PRINT. (Open it in Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing program.)
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Proof Disclaimer

Approving the proof must be your responsibility before your job can proceed to production. Infinity Graphics cannot be responsible to proof nor approve your work for any typographic errors, omissions or mistakes. NOTE: Any changes made after the first revised proof will incur additional production costs of $25.00 per revised proof. These E-Proofs are privileged and copy written. Any unauthorized use of these files by any unintended recipient is prohibited. 

The color of your proofs as they appear on your monitor are only a close representation of the final printed piece. Colors may vary dependent on your monitor's brightness, contrast and color adjustment settings. This image may appear larger that actual production size depending on the resolution of your monitor.

Customer ProofsDesign ProofsReplying to ProofsProduction ProofsPDF ProofsJPEG ProofsE-Proof Reply FormProof Inspection ListPDF Proof Reply FormBasic Proof Reply FormReturn To Top

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